Oct 16 2015

Nations and their Pasts

10:00am - 2:00pm
Columbia Global Centers | Beijing
Past Event


Workshop: Nations and their Pasts

Each speaker gave a 20-minute presentation, which focused on national histories and their transnational challenges and opportunities. The presentations were given by:

  • Jie-hyun Lim, National Histories in East Asia
  • Iwasaki Minoru, Japan and its Non-memory of its Colonial Past
  • Umemori Naoyuki, Opportunities for Transitional Justice in East Asia
  • Valerie Rosoux, Memory in Rwanda
  • Hou Chunyan, Chinese History on Exhibit
  • Armelle Viard, Autobiographical Memory and Future Thinking
  • Daniel Dayan, Witnessing and its Discontents
  • Moderator: Carol Gluck, Columbia University

This event was open to the public. Registration has closed.