Doctoral & Graduate Student Fellowships

Graduate Global Policy Fellowship


The Columbia Global Policy Initiative supports student research with the Graduate Global Policy Award program.

This Award is given on an ad-hoc basis to graduate and doctoral students conducting research on the international protection of human rights, sustainable development, climate change, energy and the environment, humanitarian affairs, and international conflict resolution. From 2014-2015, the Columbia Global Policy Initiative provided research fellowships funded by The Endeavor Foundation to nine students in graduate and doctoral programs at the School of International and Public Affairs, the School of Social Work, and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Congratulations to the Summer 2017 Global Policy Reach Awards
  • Daniel Bradley: "Being LGBTI in Asia"
  • Hannah Howroyd: "Natural Resource Control and Indigenous Rights in Bolivia's Santa Cruz Department: Post-neoliberalism Rhetoric and Reality"
  • Egor Lazarev: "Impact of Conflict in State-Society Relations in Chechnya"
  • Anika Michel: "Camp for Peace Liberia"
  • Theo Milonopoulos: "In the Shadow of Victory and Defeat: Battlefield assessments, mid-war decision-making and the expansion and termination of armed conflict"
  • Zaib Rasool: "Working with the UNDP Innovations Unit in Jordan"
  • Samuel Ratner: "Preventing Civil War Recurrence: Investigating rebel re-mobilization after DDR"
  • Stephanie Schwartz: "Homeward Bound: Return migration and conflict in Burundi"
  • Alexandra Von Arx: "Rebuilding a Cambodian National Identity in a Post-Genocide Society"
  • Huda Wajih: "Pakistan's First 'Violence Against Women's Center:' Successful implementation and expansion"
  • Yemi Melka, Myrian Smith, Yunwen Sun, Ronak Maheshwari, Gabriel Guggisberg: "The SolEnergy Initiative"
Submission Guidelines

The Graduate Global Policy Award is currently closed. Please check back later for future award cycles. 

Previous Winners

Research topics funded in 2014-2015 included:

  • Riza Aryani, Lia Cairone, and Caitlin O’Donnell—Columbia SIPA : "Intersection of gender and ecosystem issues (preservation, sustainability, and resource use), specifically in relation to the forestry sector in Indonesia"
  • Anthony D’Agostino—Columbia SIPA: "Credit-increasing banking sector reforms and climate change exposure in India"
  • Caroline Doenmez—Institute for the Study of Human Rights, GSAS: "Gender-based violence against aboriginal women in Canada"
  • Eugenie Dugoua—Columbia SIPA: "Strategic implications of geoengineering in climate change cooperation, and side payments as a potential governance tool"
  • Eyal Frank—Columbia SIPA: "Wind energy expansion and its effects on bat mortality, insecticide use, and agriculture"
  • Jaclyn Sawyer—School of Social Work: "Criminal justice reform, specifically in relation to library and education programs within prison systems in Nigeria"