Preliminary Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Index and Dashboard

Published on United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

In this paper we propose, first, an initial country-level SDG Index for all developed and developing countries that measures SDG achievement across the 17 goals, using national cross-country data available today. Such an index will, in a highly preliminary way, rank countries across the SDGs to assess the current state of progress relative to peers (e.g. countries at a given income level or in a given geographic region). Second, we propose an SDG Dashboard that presents SDG data visually for each country and goal. Goals are highlighted in green, yellow, or red with red highlighting a country’s most acute challenges. In this way, the Dashboard can help stakeholders identify the most urgent priorities in each country and region. It illustrates that even countries that rank highly on the overall SDG Index face major challenges on some goals. Both the SDG Index and Dashboard use the same metrics, though the methods of data analysis and aggregation vary, as described below.

We emphasize that the proposed SDG Index and SDG Dashboard are not official SDG indicators and complement the official monitoring processes launched by countries and the United Nations. Our focus is on identifying suitable metrics and data that allow countries to take stock of where they stand in 2016 with regards to achieving the SDGs and to identify priorities for early action. In parallel robust data production and management systems will need to be built in every country so that the 17 SDGs can be tracked with rigor.

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