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Professor and Dean Emeritus of Columbia Journalism School Nicholas Lemann associated his project, Columbia Global Reports, with the Columbia Global Policy Initiative in 2013. 

Columbia Global Reports publishes in-depth investigations of pressing global policy issues and trends. Every year Columbia Global Reports publishes four to six reports each devoted to a single topic. Each report is meant to function as a major statement on an important issue, something that has the potential to change the conversation, through new information, new analysis, memorable expression, or, in the best cases, all three. Some reports will be by journalists and will be more reportorial and on-the-ground, some will be by scholars, and some will be by partnerships of journalists and scholars. 

Columbia Global Reports published five books in 2016 on the topics of medical tourism, pluralism in the middle east, investor-state dispute settlement, worldwide populist movements, and the Boko Haram kidnappings in Nigeria. They are available as paperbacks (at $12.99) and e-books ($8.99) in bookstores around the country as well as on Amazon and other online booksellers. Events at Columbia and other venues in New York City and Washington, DC are planned around the publication of each book.

Policy Goals

  1. Publish in-depth investigations that function as major statements on important global policy issues with the potential to change the conversation through new information, new analysis, memorable expression, or all three.


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