GHI-CGPI Seminar Series: Intersection between Communicable & Noncommunicable Diseases

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Led by Wafaa El-Sadr (University Professor and Director of ICAP and the Global Health Initiative (GHI) at the Mailman School of Public Health (MSPH)) and Arthur Rubenstein (Professor and former Dean of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania), the GHI-CGPI Seminar Series on the Intersection between Communicable (CDs) and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) seeks to examine widely discussed views of CD and NCD topics, reflect on them through the contexts of global public health and public policy, and identify common experiences and shared lessons that might inform approaches to improve health outcomes globally.  This project affiliated with the Columbia Global Policy Initiative in 2013. 

In 2015-2016, four seminars were organized that engaged a number of relevant speakers and co-sponsors from across Columbia University. There were 13 presenters and/or panelists, from various Columbia schools, departments and centers, as well as other organizations such as the Fogarty International Center of National Institutes of Health, American University of Beirut, The UN Refugee Agency, among many more. The seminars drew in an estimated 200 attendees and more online viewers of the recorded video.

Policy Goals

  1. Promote new dialogue and debate among the global community regarding the ongoing and looming threats from non-communicable diseases.
  2. Identify common experiences/shared lessons from communicable diseases and other areas of public health that may help inform the current non-communicable disease agenda.
Co-Director, GHI-CGPI Seminar Series on the Intersection Between Communicable and Non-Communicable Disease