In our increasingly globalized world, serious problems of global significance—whether disease, destabilizing economies, mass atrocities, a deteriorating environment, public security or the quality of governance—need to be addressed comprehensively. They require the highest standards of disciplinary and interdisciplinary expertise and a commitment to finding practical solutions that both work and that support local accountability. Only a great university can serve as the foundation for this quality of applied research.

The Columbia Global Policy Initiative, as conceived by President Lee C. Bollinger and led by founding director Professor Michael W. Doyle, brings together eminent Columbia faculty members from the widest range of relevant disciplines. These experts not only address global problems comprehensively, building on the relevant range of scholarly expertise, but also find effective ways of influencing global policy by engaging stakeholders and public policymakers. We see this as a unique venture, combining the best of independent, objective academic research with the best policy analysis and all tied closely to the implementation of policy recommendations.

The Columbia Global Policy Initiative is:

  • Project focused, searching for applied solutions;
  • Research based, drawing on in-depth, rigorous analyses;
  • Multidisciplinary, combining arts and science with the expertise of the professional schools;
  • Multi-university, welcoming co-sponsored projects, nationally and globally;
  • And responsive to the needs and voices of stakeholders.

The foundation of the Columbia Global Policy Initiative’s work is strong, faculty-led research. Today, the Initiative is affiliated with or supports 15 projects. These projects are led by Columbia University faculty members and experts, many in partnership with other universities or institutions. The leadership of each project serves as Columbia Global Policy Initiative Project Directors and helps guide the work and growth of the Initiative. The Columbia Global Policy Initiative also has an Advisory Board comprised of eminent and respected world leaders.